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A Proven Strategy Focused on ROI


truist-iconCompany: Truist, Inc.

Industry: Philanthropy Transaction Services and Software

Location: Washington, D.C.

Number of Employees: 55


Increase in new website visitors.


Unique monthly blog readers.

$1.6 Million

In the sales pipeline attributed to our work.


Nick created a marketing strategy that touched on what was important to our business model, growth, and market recognition.  We soon started seeing sales leads come in at a rate we had never seen before and our conversion rate was outstanding. Our marketing investment yielded great returns within the first few months and we never looked back. What ensued was a long-term relationship based upon trust, successful outcomes, Engineered Inbound’s value proposition, and a repeatable process. right-quote


Truist was successfully sold to FrontStream Holdings on February 28, 2014.


idatix-headquartersCompany: iDatix Corporation

Industry: Process Automation

Location: Clearwater, FL

Number of Employees: 42


Increase in website leads within the first three months.


Of inbound leads are actively in the purchasing process.


Landing page conversion rate.


From the very first meeting, Engineered Inbound has acted more like an extension of our marketing staff than an outsourced vendor. Nick is always there when we need him with the right answer and the right course of action.  Within the first three months, we saw a 500% increase in leads from our website. Most importantly, more than 10% of those leads are not only sales qualified, but actively in the process of making a purchasing decision.  When compared to the leads the sales team is self-generating, the inbound leads are far warmer and much quicker to close.right-quote